Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Integrating ClearQuest and DOORS

Aimed at IT shops using Telelogic DOORS for requirements management and IBM Rational ClearQuest for issue tracking, Ring-Zero Software has released an immensely useful integration between the two tools: ClearTrace for DOORS. Before ClearTrace, the integrations available were very weak: some were monstrosities which barely qualified as "integrations" (one can only assume they existed for sales opportunities which were contingent on satisfying a "checkbox"), while others were ultimately deemed unusable by many larger organizations.

Ring-Zero leveraged its many years of building bridges between DOORS and Rational Software tools, and has provided its customers with a high-quality integration which the industry was desperately in need of.

From the Ring-Zero web site:

ClearTrace is described as a system which integrates ClearQuest and DOORS together, rather than as a simple mechanism for creating links between the two, for two reasons: First, ClearTrace provides simple, native access to data from both DOORS and ClearQuest. When local clients for both are present, users can access cross-environment functionality. Second, ClearTrace has been designed to provide scaleable access to “real world” data volumes which may span multiple databases.

Visit Ring-Zero Software's website and read more about ClearTrace for DOORS: